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At School Street Yoga we offer yoga classes 7 days a week, many times a day. We have several teachers who bring a variety of styles and experience. We offer different levels so that there's something for everyone. All classes are available for drop in or you can use the class card to receive a discount.

• All classes are free for anyone undergoing cancer treatments.

• All classes will begin and end on time. The building is open for about 20-30 minutes before classes and workshops begin and for about 20 minutes after sessions are finished. The door is frequently locked during class sessions to prevent interruptions.

• Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class and allow time for on-street parking. Please do not park in any of the residents' driveways or in the parking lot across the street or your car will be towed.

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Class Levels

  • Gentle

    This is a perfect class to take if you are new to yoga or have any physical limitations. If you are looking for a slow, safe, guided practice that will leave you feeling relaxed, open and successful, this is the class for you!

  • Foundation

    This class is geared towards the new or ongoing student who is looking to move and tune into their body. It is taught at a slower pace to allow you to understand the poses, explore alignment, and connect to your breath, all while building strength, flexibility, and awareness.

  • Flourish Flow

    This MULTI-LEVEL active practice allows for a flow that connects movement to breath. All levels are welcome to this strong and reflective practice. Some prior yoga experience is recommended however modifications will be offered. You will be introduced to more challenging poses and develop an understanding for the deeper principles of alignment. Hand balances, back bends and inversions may be offered in this class.

  • Multi-level Exploration

    This class is designed for students who are physically able to easily get up and down on the mat and are open to moving beyond the basic alignment and foundational teachings. If you have done some yoga or if you have a strong practice you should feel comfortable in this class. The teacher will offer modifications for those who might have less experience and will also offer challenges for those who are more experienced.

  • Yogahour

    Yogahour, a 60-minute flow for the fit beginner to advanced practitioner. Yogahour offers clear and concise alignment instructions and is ideal for anyone who wants to get fit, flexible and sweat away their stressors in the context of fun. Yogahour classes aim to make students as flexible as they are strong and as strong as they are flexible. Yogahour is an accessible class that aims to be a doable but difficult flow that challenges students to their capacity. Please note that although experienced beginners are welcome, the fast pace may not be appropriate for those with injuries or significant limitations.

  • Yin

    Yin is a quite still practice that helps to stimulate and target the deep connective tissues in the joints, ligaments and bones. Postures are mostly seated or lying prone or supine and are held from 1-5 minutes. Yin brings circulation and healing energy to promote health and targets the Chinese meridian lines in hopes to balance your chi and Prana. This practice can benefit everyone. It is highly recommended for athletes, yogis with injuries or arthritis and for those who are looking to slow down, go deep and possibly meditate.

  • Vinyasa

    In this dynamic Vinyasa style class you will be guided to link breath with motion, which will feel like a moving meditation. Class starts with a warm up and is generally followed by creative standing flows, seated postures and ending with Savasana. The teacher will give descriptive alignment ques along the way with an emphasis on safety and form. Expect to leave class feeling inspired and sweaty.

  • Prenatal Yoga

    Prenatal yoga is a peaceful way to support your body, mind, and well-being during pregnancy. The classes focus on postures to maintain balance, circulation, tone and strength. Also learn breathing techniques and relaxation to empower yourself with useful tools to stay focused and calm during labor and into motherhood.

Class Fees

Expiration dates cannot be extended.


• $14 for 75 min. class
• $10 for 60 min. class
• Full time students: $12 for 75 min. class
• Full time students: $10 for 60 min. class
• Age 80 + is $5.00 a class-- Drop-ins are always welcome!

5 Class Pass

• $60
• full time students: $50 -- 3 month expiration on all 5 class passes

10 Class Pass

• $110 - Family members can share a class card.
• full time students: $90-- 4 month expiration on all 10 class passes

Frequent Flyer Month Passes

• $110 - for up to 15 classes
• $130 - for up to 20 classes
• $150 - for unlimited-- Please no sharing of frequent flyer passes-- 1 month expiration on all frequent flyer month passes

1 Year Unlimited Pass

• $1,200 -- 1 year expiration

Private Sessions

• Please inquire with the instructors regarding fees and scheduling private sessions.

Frequent Questions

When is School Street Yoga Open?

• The building is opened between 20-30 minutes before classes and workshops begin and for about the 20 minutes after sessions are finished. The building is often locked once class has begun.

How early should I arrive for class?

• Plan to get to the yoga studio a few minutes before class begins to check in and pay for class. The doors will be open 20 minutes prior to class start time. It's a good idea to let the teacher know that you are new to yoga. It is their job to welcome you, show you around and help you get comfortable. Before you enter the actual yoga studio, you will be asked to remove your shoes. This is the first step to leaving the world outside class. The yoga room, takes on a quality of sanctuary from the first step in the door.

What to wear?

• Wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in. It can be loose or tight, depending on your comfort level. Make sure they are comfortable and will not constrict your breathing or range of motion as you move through your postures. Yoga clothes can easily be found everywhere. You won't need special shoes as yoga is done with bare feet.

What equipment do I need?

• We supply mats and any needed props free of charge. We ask that if you use a mat that you make sure to wipe it down when you finish, so that it is sanatized for the next student. Once you decide that yoga is a good fit for you, you may want to purchase your own mat and bring it to class. For some, rolling out their own mat for yoga helps to create a personal oasis for practice.

What's the class like?

• Our classes range from 60 to 75 minutes. Most likely the class will begin with a centering exercise. This may involve chanting the sound of "OM." However, you do not have to do this if you feel awkward. The goal is to help clear your mind and focus using the sound to bring you into the practice space and the present moment.
• Next is typically a series of gentle warm-ups and stretches to get your body and mind ready for more yoga postures to come. You will feel yourself warming up gradually, with the flow of energy building progressively to release tension and create a feeling of well-being.
• At the end, the instructor will guide you through a warm-down series of exercises. Class will end with savasana (corpse pose) that involves lying on your back, eyes closed and body relaxed. Do not leave early at this point because it is a very important part of the class that ties the entire yoga process together.
• Some teachers will end class with another "OM". and will close using the word "namaste" at the end. This is a salutation to honor the light that lives within you and is your cue that the class is over.

What if I can't do the poses?

• All of our bodies are different. Remember, some people may never be able to look a certain way in a pose because of the way their body is built. That's what makes us so interesting! In most cases, however, if you are not in the "Perfect" pose it's okay. Your muscles need time to remember how to stretch back out again. Just attempting the poses allows the nervous system to begin remembering the pose. Many of the teachers will give you guidance to help enhance your pose so that it feels better and you can get more out of it. Each time will be easier than the last because of this ability of the body to remember.

Can I really do yoga?

• Yes, if you can sit and breathe, then you can do yoga. If you are new to yoga choose the Foundations or schedule a private class with one of the teachers to help get you started. It may feel awkward at first, but if you keep at it you will be amazed at how quickly your body begins to open up, lengthen out and get stronger. Often our bodies are in seated positions in chairs for hours on end. We are not used to stretching in all kinds of ways, so be gentle with yourself.

Ok, Now I've made my decison to come to yoga, what else should I know?

• Try not to eat for 1 to 2 hours before your practice.
• Bring a water bottle which you are welcome to fill from our sink. Or purchase one of our new stainless steel bottles!
• Please shut off your cell phone once you enter the studio.
• Be on time. If you're late, please wait until the centering has been completed before entering the room. We lock the outside door once the centering is completed.
• In being respectful to others, please refrain from wear strong perfumes or lotions & pay attention to your own hygiene.
• Please be present and have fun. Yoga is an opportunity to be with yourself with no other distractions. Enjoy and see what comes up!

Please remember to park along the street
all the Parking lots near us are private and the owners will have your car towed at your expense