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 Thursday, April 18:  6:30 - 8 pm Yoga Nidra Sound Journey 

Yoga Nidra is the practice and art of Yogic sleep. It is a profound but simple guided meditation accessible to anyone.  While in this safe, sacred space Jeremy and Nancy will create an immersive soundscape to guide you deeper. The healing vibrations will leave you feeling grounded with a deeper connection to Self.
Register Here for Thursday evening April 18th Yoga Nidra Sound Journey! $30


                                          Saturday, April 20:  2 - 4 pm Restorative Yoga Sound Journey 
Join Jeremy and Nancy for an evening of soothing and healing sounds paired with a supported, breath centered Restorative Yoga practice.   The fusion of sound, stillness, and breath will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.
                                           Register Here for Saturday afternoon April 20 Restorative Yoga Sound Journey! $35

Join us for one or both of these deeply restorative sound healing events! Last time Nancy and Jeremy were here it sold out! Secure your spot!

The vibrational experience of Sound Journey in both events includes the sacred sounds of the handpan, gong, chimes, crystal singing bowls, didgeridoo and more.

The Yoga Nidra practice systematically guides the body, mind and breath into a complete state of bliss. As you rest in a comfortable and supported savasana, Nancy will lead you through a guided relaxation that will invite your body and mind to rest. 

 During Restorative Sound Journey, experience the bliss of surrender as Nancy leads the class through nurturing restorative poses supported by blankets, bolsters and blocks while Jeremy provides an improvised ultra sensory exploration with enchanting sacred sounds. The evening will culminate with a long and inviting savasana as you allow yourself to be carried away by a deep, multi-instrumental sound experience.

Both events will bliss you out!

If you decide to sign up for both online, email  and we will put a $5 credit on your account or sign up in person at studio for $60 for both events.