Prenatal Danielle

Sundays: April 11 - April 25  // 4 - 5 pm  

In this gentle Prenatal Yoga series with Danielle, we will build community during the sacred transformation of Motherhood. Focused on creating a safe space while you grow, this series gears your body and soul up to birth your baby and guides you on your journey into your new role. Strength, flexibility and balance are the core principles we will focus on as we dive in. Increasing the body and breath awareness supports you throughout the pregnancy, labor and delivery and aims to reduce tension, stress and anxiety.  Open to all trimesters.  

                                        Investment: $65  
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About the Teacher:
Danielle Dickey is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher. She is based on a diversified farm in beautiful Central Maine with her daughter and husband within a close-knit community .She is passionate about wellness, nutrition, motherhood, birth and the body. Danielle has studied with Travis Elliot & Lauren Eckstrom, founders of Inner Dimension Media as well as Yoga for Amputees, Marsha Theresea Danzing.  Danielle is a Birth & Postpartum doula and has taught classes as well as provided holistic massage at the Travis Mill's Foundation for Recalibrated Veterans. She believes that wellness is achieved as a team and aims to provide safe and professional opportunities for folks to dive down deep into their own healing journeys.