Yoga NidraSaturday, January 23  //  4 pm - 5:15 pm with Christiane Guillois

Relax the nervous system with this deeply therapeutic practice. 

Yoga Nidra is a guided form of physical and mental relaxation that gradually takes us down through the different depths of the body. Ultimately, we attain a profound state of rest that straddles the fine line between wakefulness and sleep. We remain throughout fully aware and alert.

The workshop will start with a short sequence of simple yoga postures and then continue with Yoga Nidra practice. While lying down comfortably, we will be asked to sense our physical body and become aware of the world within us. As we draw our senses inward we breathe in a way that induces relaxation and our thoughts gradually slow down, leading us to a restorative and regenerative state for mind and body alike.

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This workshop is priced on a sliding scale.  Please pay what you can.

$15/ $20/ $25 

Can't make the live workshop? A video will be sent to all who sign up after the workshop ends. Video is accessible for 48 hrs.