Sunday March 14 //  4 PM- 5:15 PM

Relax and leave cares behind as Danielle guides you into gentle restorative poses in this online workshop!

 The practice of Restorative Yoga welcomes all and encourages a deep opening of the body and spirit by sinking into stillness. Slow and balanced sequences are performed supported by props while on the floor to encourage full relaxation. The long held poses allow for focused stretching and relief of stress, as you are guided towards presence and inward connection. As you slow down and open up, you are guided to explore the waves of the body and breath and honor the space for sacred pause. 

Dress warm, gather blankets, yoga blocks (or thick books) & pillows for support at home.

Sliding scale/ Please pay what you can

$15/ $20/ $25

Register Here!

 Can't make the live zoom session? You will receive a link to a video that will be available for 48 hrs.


About the teacher:

Danielle Dickey is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher. She is based on a diversified farm in beautiful Central Maine with her daughter and husband within a close-knit community .She is passionate about wellness, nutrition, motherhood, birth and the body. Danielle has studied with Travis Elliot & Lauren Eckstrom, founders of Inner Dimension Media as well as Yoga for Amputees, Marsha Theresea Danzing.  Danielle is a Birth & Postpartum doula and has taught classes as well as provided holistic massage at the Travis Mill's Foundation for Recalibrated Veterans. She believes that wellness is achieved as a team and aims to provide safe and professional opportunities for folks to dive down deep into their own healing journeys.