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Join School Street Yoga’s “I ♥ yoga”for unlimited access to all weekly classes! For $40/month auto-pay with your debit or credit card, you will have yoga available to you7 days a week. So much yoga to ♥! And, as always we ♥ beginners!


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Private yoga classes

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Class Descriptions

Middle aged woman in bound eagle yoga pose

Beginner Yoga

This class is structured specifically for individuals with no previous yoga experience. We will start with simple poses, or asanas, and slowly combine them into flowing sequences that provide a complete range of stretching and motion  for the student.

Gentle yogas at School Street Yoga studio, Waterville, Maine


This is a perfect class to take if you are new to yoga or have any physical limitations. Varied use of props will be used to support all students meeting you where you are at. If you are looking for a slow, safe, guided practice that will leave you feeling relaxed, open and successful, this is the class for you!

Slow Flow Restore Yoga class at School Street Yoga Studio, Waterville, Maine


Over thousands of years Hatha Yoga has evolved, morphed and adapted.  Today, Hatha Yoga is the practice of yoga postures that enhances physical strength, flexibility, and wellbeing through movement and relaxation.

True to its roots, Hatha Yoga class promotes a strong body, a vibrant mind, and an open heart. This class is suitable for all levels!

Yin yoga instruction at School Street Yoga Studio ion Waterville, Maine

Yin Yoga

Yin is a quite still practice that helps to stimulate and target the deep connective tissues in the joints, ligaments and bones. Postures are mostly seated or lying prone or supine and are held from 1-5 minutes. Yin brings circulation and healing energy to promote health and targets the Chinese meridian lines in hopes to balance your chi and Prana. This practice can benefit everyone. It is highly recommended for athletes, yogis with injuries or arthritis and for those who are looking to slow down, go deep and possibly meditate.

Vinyasa yoga at School Street Yoga Studio, Waterville, Maine


In this dynamic Vinyasa style class you will be guided to link breath with motion, which will feel like a moving meditation. Class starts with a warm up and is generally followed by creative standing flows, seated postures and ending with Savasana. The teacher will give descriptive alignment ques along the way with an emphasis on safety and form. Expect to leave class feeling inspired.

Vinyasa yoga at School Street Yoga Studio, Waterville, Maine

Yoga for Athletes

The focus for this class is flexibility, balance, coordination through core strength and muscle awareness, injury prevention, breath work for optimal performance and releasing those tight muscles that feel like they will not stretch.
This class is for any type of athlete, and for those who wish they were. All levels welcome

Gift Certificates Available

Anyone interested in adding yoga, meditation, and well-being into their lifestyle will appreciate a gift certificate from School Street Yoga.

Good for classes, special events and even items from our shop.